BlockAgeTransactionsTotal SentFees
354,3309 minutes ago216.260 NVC0.000 NVC
354,32921 minutes ago3452.148 NVC0.001 NVC
354,32834 minutes ago37.374 NVC0.002 NVC
354,32740 minutes ago283.033 NVC0.000 NVC
354,32647 minutes ago220.195 NVC0.000 NVC
354,32550 minutes ago322.911 NVC0.000 NVC
354,3241 hour ago15.500 NVC0.000 NVC
354,3231 hour ago3413.612 NVC0.001 NVC
354,3221 hour ago227.916 NVC0.000 NVC
354,3211 hour ago427.666 NVC0.002 NVC
Newest Transactions
f2e0d237b1dd9d2d...9 minutes ago16.260 NVC
7fc39e98e25155ff...9 minutes ago0.000 NVC
217938790e9a9408...21 minutes ago32.248 NVC
e14f55717eb9cee4...21 minutes ago419.900 NVC
c17a4e1a11ec1cb3...21 minutes ago0.000 NVC
e6099a5d460ea8e9...34 minutes ago0.020 NVC
21b17d1fb9437871...34 minutes ago7.353 NVC
c20677c977040651...34 minutes ago0.000 NVC
2103b000612cbb71...40 minutes ago83.033 NVC
83d942ebbda17568...40 minutes ago0.000 NVC
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