BlockAgeTransactionsTotal SentFees
340,0472 minutes ago20.000 NVC0.000 NVC
340,04613 minutes ago214.347 NVC0.000 NVC
340,04518 minutes ago15.770 NVC0.000 NVC
340,04419 minutes ago218.584 NVC0.000 NVC
340,04322 minutes ago15.770 NVC0.000 NVC
340,04223 minutes ago25.873 NVC0.001 NVC
340,04130 minutes ago15.770 NVC0.000 NVC
340,04030 minutes ago4190.284 NVC0.001 NVC
340,03958 minutes ago15.770 NVC0.000 NVC
340,0381 hour ago267.085 NVC0.000 NVC
Newest Transactions
ab07843dddcdd9ad...13 minutes ago14.347 NVC
961c3f881f786700...13 minutes ago0.000 NVC
60c3634b2ec9d434...18 minutes ago5.770 NVC
10bf2e013da77d41...19 minutes ago18.584 NVC
1c038055a6288c0e...19 minutes ago0.000 NVC
8adaba8f16771d23...22 minutes ago5.770 NVC
e04b7aaf5f32ca96...23 minutes ago0.102 NVC
b24582a22611755e...23 minutes ago5.771 NVC
8e0b34ae74e9297e...30 minutes ago5.770 NVC
03313bf0e68dccf1...30 minutes ago21.504 NVC
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