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Last 5 Payouts
2019-11-12 00:00:01PNaZGfLz...35Vb3tzw0.02051 POT
2019-11-12 00:00:01PBQU2GyS...sezdfNk80.02965 POT
2019-11-09 00:00:01PU669Tak...hUiAZptT0.02824 POT
2019-11-06 00:00:01PDqgRaMz...2k6AmzjS0.02983 POT
2019-11-03 00:00:01PX5SKVp2...wAge7j4m0.02751 POT
Total paid out so far:67.22419 POT
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If you would like to contribute POT to be given away by the faucet please send the coins to PFFmPWycCXqo6vfPP53611JoEotzxBjhC2.
Current faucet balance: 678.24057465 POT.