BlockAgeTransactionsTotal SentFees
423,5922 minutes ago217.596 NVC0.000 NVC
423,5914 minutes ago53,008.971 NVC0.001 NVC
423,59013 minutes ago2238.977 NVC0.000 NVC
423,58913 minutes ago2228.588 NVC0.000 NVC
423,58817 minutes ago14.110 NVC0.000 NVC
423,58717 minutes ago2241.506 NVC0.000 NVC
423,58620 minutes ago2383.249 NVC0.000 NVC
423,58523 minutes ago216.427 NVC0.000 NVC
423,58428 minutes ago234.452 NVC0.000 NVC
423,58328 minutes ago226.010 NVC0.000 NVC
Newest Transactions
0cd8e4756c9e70a5...2 minutes ago17.596 NVC
a601abfdbb3839f4...2 minutes ago0.000 NVC
88eb620713d660c3...4 minutes ago0.605 NVC
1391cbd54ac39644...4 minutes ago1,000.000 NVC
07070d185f0825af...4 minutes ago2,000.000 NVC
6edaa8a4d1c2dad6...4 minutes ago8.366 NVC
d1471708fa9a47f8...4 minutes ago0.000 NVC
420d4b53353a8061...13 minutes ago238.977 NVC
5bc11abe5827a7d1...13 minutes ago0.000 NVC
973ffb11f986a7b4...13 minutes ago228.588 NVC
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