BlockAgeTransactionsTotal SentFees
436,50712 minutes ago3130.143 NVC0.001 NVC
436,50617 minutes ago251.422 NVC0.000 NVC
436,50527 minutes ago3481.802 NVC0.001 NVC
436,50436 minutes ago359.720 NVC0.001 NVC
436,50344 minutes ago23.678 NVC0.000 NVC
436,50250 minutes ago3592.503 NVC0.001 NVC
436,50153 minutes ago231.220 NVC0.000 NVC
436,50054 minutes ago2227.040 NVC0.000 NVC
436,49955 minutes ago22.248 NVC0.000 NVC
436,49856 minutes ago219.317 NVC0.000 NVC
Newest Transactions
135e4c2c3d157490...12 minutes ago17.679 NVC
5d75c2f7facbbb91...12 minutes ago112.464 NVC
9c9ca9a48c3353ac...12 minutes ago0.000 NVC
7fb4681d421b3064...17 minutes ago51.422 NVC
0fc65a6911f09cea...17 minutes ago0.000 NVC
011e9a07248f6b0f...27 minutes ago384.423 NVC
fa7b6f1daa905ebe...27 minutes ago97.379 NVC
823026d0b107ebc2...27 minutes ago0.000 NVC
3eab727c89d2295b...36 minutes ago4.159 NVC
d5fb077320226a5d...36 minutes ago55.561 NVC
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